Jake Cox's Transition from Economic Concerns to E-commerce Success

Jake Cox

February 25, 2024


Jake Cox started a famous online advertising company in Miami called Zane Firm. Jake noticed that the U.S. was making a lot of new money, and he was worried this might make things more expensive in the future. He didn’t want to lose his hard-earned money, so he joined a program called FBALaunch about a year and a half ago. Even though his company was doing well, Jake was worried about prices going up. And he was right. Prices went up by 6.8%, which was the highest since 1982. A few months after joining the program, Jake spent a lot of money on products to sell. He later said it was the smartest thing he'd ever done.


Jake's smart move paid off. In the last three months of 2020, his online store on Amazon sold a lot! He produced multiple 6 figures in revenue. That meant he made a staggering amount of profit. By January 2022, Jake was talking to FBALaunch and other big companies about selling his store for a lot of money, maybe even a million dollars or more.

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