Dave's Success With Ecommerce

Dave O

July 1, 2024


Dave has been a client since 2022 and has experienced the evolution of our company's business model. Initially, Dave's business operated under a traditional, slower wholesale model. However, in February 2023, we transitioned him to our new, more efficient model. Despite initial struggles, Dave's contract, originally set to end in 2024, was renewed for another four years free of charge due to his positive relationship with our company and our commitment to working with good people.


Since moving to the new model, Dave's business has seen significant improvements in performance. Starting in late February, Dave's store initially achieved a modest ROI of 11-15% in the first month as it ramped up. By the third month, the ROI increased to 25%, resulting in over $1,000 in profit. June marked a spectacular month with a 52% ROI, generating approximately $10,500 in profit from $37,000 in revenue and $16,000 in expenses.

Dave's positive experience with our new model has not only increased his confidence but also encouraged him to reinvest profits to further grow his business. He appreciates the mostly hands-off approach, with our team managing the majority of operations, allowing him to focus on his other e-commerce ventures.

Looking ahead, Dave is optimistic about the potential of Q4 and its impact on his retirement plans. He aims to continue growing his business, reinvesting profits to maximize returns, and eventually use the earnings to enhance his retirement savings. Despite occasional communication challenges, Dave values the support and expertise of our team, which has consistently addressed any issues that arise.

Overall, Dave's journey highlights the transformative power of our new business model, demonstrating how it can drive significant growth and profitability for our clients.

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