Dave's 50%+ ROI

July 8, 2024


Dave Clawson, from Lawrence, Kansas, has been a client of Click Profit for over two years. Before joining us, Dave was deeply involved in real estate investments, looking to diversify his revenue streams with something uncorrelated to stocks, bonds, and real estate. In 2023, he experienced our traditional wholesale model, but in February 2024, we transitioned him to our new arbitrage model.


Over the past four months, Dave has seen significant improvements. Initially starting with a $300 monthly investment, he gradually increased it to $10,000. Dave reported a remarkable 50% profit last month, with his worst month still achieving a 20% profit. He has appreciated the lower risk and higher returns compared to the old model, noting the reduced concentration risk and better inventory turnover.

Dave values the passive nature of the investment, similar to his real estate syndications. He highlighted that his Amazon store managed by Click Profit is extremely passive, with his primary task being payment processing. The returns have been outstanding, consistently exceeding his expectations and providing a reliable revenue stream.

Dave’s confidence in the new model has grown, leading him to reinvest his earnings, further increasing his comfort level and investment amount. He appreciates the sustainability and potential for long-term growth, emphasizing the business’s ability to manage risk effectively. Overall, Dave is highly satisfied with his experience and the results achieved with Click Profit’s new model, making it a valuable addition to his diversified portfolio.

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