How Steven Got Involved In Ecommerce

Stephen Brown

June 14, 2024


Stephen, a lifelong entrepreneur with a diverse background in various brick-and-mortar and service businesses, found himself at a crossroads. Having operated a range of enterprises including a tennis club, cleaning company, daycare, and multiple real estate projects, Stephen was in search of a new venture that offered more flexibility. His goal was to transition from the constraints of physical businesses to something he could manage virtually, allowing for travel and a more balanced lifestyle.

"I was looking for the next business to operate and was really interested in doing that virtually so that even though I'm not ready to retire at this moment, I'd still like to be able to travel," Stephen shared. The traditional brick-and-mortar model, despite having employees and staff, posed significant limitations. Stephen needed a business model that could be managed from anywhere in the world using just a laptop.

Initially, Stephen explored various e-commerce opportunities and even had offers on several Amazon-based companies. Unfortunately, these deals fell through, leaving him at a standstill. During this period of exploration, he came across ClickProfit. Despite some initial skepticism, influenced by mixed reviews in the industry, Stephen decided to take a closer look. A pivotal meeting with ClickProfit's team solidified his decision. "I started to look at you guys closer. I took a call with Will, and for me, the biggest thing was being able to scale enough and quickly enough."


Two months into his partnership with ClickProfit, Stephen's store began to show promising results. Despite initial challenges and adjustments to the business model, Stephen observed a significant uptick in performance.

When asked about the trajectory of his store and how it compared to initial expectations, Stephen noted, "It's hard to answer that question because when you and I originally talked and you gave me some numbers of how quickly we could scale, that was based on the wholesale model. Instead, we've gone off into the retail arbitrage model."

The switch to a retail arbitrage model resulted in a slower initial scaling process. However, the performance started to improve dramatically in the subsequent weeks. "The last couple of weeks has really taken off. The ROI has kind of been off the charts, I think you're at like 92% or something, pushing 100%."

The numbers reflected this surge. Stephen shared detailed sales figures from the Amazon two-week payout periods:

  • First period: $1,500
  • Second period: $3,100
  • Third period: $4,400
  • Fourth period: $4,600
  • Fifth period: Over $28,000

"Now the last two-week period went from 4600 to over 28,000. That's insane," Stephen remarked, highlighting the significant leap in performance. This rapid growth, often referred to as "the pop" in e-commerce circles, indicated that Amazon had started to drive more traffic towards his products, recognizing the store's potential.

Stephen's satisfaction extended beyond just the numbers. He appreciated the hands-off nature of the business model, which allowed him to benefit from e-commerce without the typical headaches. "I trust that you guys are picking products that overall are going to work. Not everything's a home run, but the older your store becomes, the better it's going to be."

Reflecting on the overall experience, Stephen acknowledged the initial skepticism but expressed gratitude for the support and results delivered by ClickProfit. "I'm very grateful that you guys have all the heartburn, and I can just sit back and benefit from Amazon without having all the headaches."

In conclusion, Stephen's journey with ClickProfit demonstrates the potential of e-commerce when coupled with a reliable partner. His store's rapid growth and the seamless management provided by ClickProfit have enabled him to transition from a traditional business model to a flexible, virtual operation, aligning perfectly with his lifestyle goals.

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