Patrick McGeoghean

CEO and Co-founder

About Patrick McGeoghean Jr

Patrick grew up in Winchester, Massachusetts, only 6 miles north but a world away from Boston. He was inspired at an early age watching family members who were Irish emigrants build companies from the ground up that proved successful and long-lasting.

When Pat was 18, he owned several different e-commerce brands. Building on his early success, he created a marketing agency,  a stock trading community, then credit repair and funding. Pat helped 1800 people fix their personal and business credit blunders in 9 months!

Pat is adept at finding solutions in his enterprises. When he could not find an on-the-market software to integrate with credit repair efficiently, he created it. When he realized the e-commerce tracking software was not what the end-user desired, he designed one that would.

Pat attended two universities before deciding he learned best by rolling up his sleeves and diving into the work. He felt vindicated in his decision when he earned his first million trading stocks while his classmates were still attending college classes. Patrick views his earlier "failures" simply as learning experiences and values those lessons as much as his successes.

 He loves this business model because it utilizes leveraging credit and business funding, industries he understands integrally.

In his free time, he enjoys golf and planning even more new enterprises. He is always up for pizza and relishes oceanside activities as long as sharks are not present. He is unapologetically authentic and hopes he is never faced with an alternate Patrick that he cannot recognize or respect.