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Meeting all your expectations

Having a custom-designed software eliminates the hassles accompanied by other solutions.

Real-time analytics
Instant inventory management
Works with all leading e-seller platforms
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CP Dashboard

Detailed analytics to make great decisions

With comprehensive information, scaling your business becomes hassle-free.

Easily check your ROI
Net profits at a glance
Thorough information on orders

E-commerce dream software

We know what you want in a software platform, because it's what we want, too. Our proprietary solution was built for e-sellers by e-sellers.


Inventory Management

Improve sales performance, manage bundles, variations, and drop-ship products.

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Order Management

Automated updates, simplified order cancel, exchange, and refund processes. Export your order lists easily.

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Automated Reports

Stay on top of sales, gross profit, top selling products, and unprofitable products across any designated time period.

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Supplier Management

Auto-generate and upload/download purchase orders, refill ordering, and more.


Software Support

Our dedicated support team will work tirelessly to make sure you have complete understandding of your software.

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Works seamlessly across all leading sales channels. Makes your drop-ship store a breeze.

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Creating better lives

Our clients have been able to build their lives on their terms. Are you ready to do the same?

Family with small chld

“Knowing that Click Profit has helped me secure my family's future is priceless. I didn't spend my life waiting for the woman of my dreams just so I could spend the rest of my life away from her at work. I am happy that my family, not my job, gets the best of me.”

John Carter
Walmart Automation
Young adults on lake pier.

“Being young does not mean you have to sacrifice for the 9-5 lifestyle. My Walmart Automation stores give me the freedom to travel, enjoy friends, and plan my days on MY schedule. Being my own boss is liberating!”

Emily Friech
Walmart Automation
Golfer at sunrise

“Golf is my passion. I even considered turning pro at one point. But passions can get expensive and I needed to know I was not trading dollars for dreams. Click Profit has allowed me to have the best of both - and now I can pursue what makes me happy.”

Glen Marks
Walmart Automation