Tradelines to prove

Open the avenues of larger credit lines with Click Profit proven tactics

Credit worthiness

Tradelines increase your credit score, helping to secure lines of credit

Building strong business credit is a worthwhile goal. Tradelines open avenues to better business financing. They will help you separate personal and business credit. This is achieved by:

Opening a business credit card
Paying your accounts on time or early
Establishing accounts with lenders and/or vendors
Businessman reviews credit
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Tradelines establish your propensity to pay

When vendors report your credit payments, tradelines are established.

We work with vendors that duly report
Your company gains credibility
Strengthens and secures your business credit profile

Tradelines ease your path to a successful business

Click Profit has helped hundreds of small businesses become financially viable. What can we do for you?


Confirmed Vendors

We work with vendors with whom we've established relationships. That's a win for you!


Tracked Reporting

Not all vendors will report your payments. This is an important distinction when you are building business credit.

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Regulated Growth

It's important to open only as many credit accounts needed in each tier before moving on to the next.


Starter Vendors

Some vendors will extend net terms and report payments, without doing a credit check.

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Trustworthy Image

Showing your business is on solid financial ground will increase your credit reputation.

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Optimal Credit

Accelerate your profile buildout with successful reporting tradelines for maximum funding fast.

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What our clients say

Helping entrepreneurs navigate the complexities of new e-commerce businesses

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“Click Profit guided me step by step in my e-comm business. It's only been a few months, but I feel so secure in my family's financial future.”

Susan Dunn
Walmart Automation
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“I'm working on the techniques Click Profit provided me to repair and restore my personal credit. Then I can begin the process of building business credit. It's a relief to finally be free of the bad credit stigma.”

Jaime Johnson
Credit Repair Client
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“I spent 20 years in a career in which I excelled but dreaded going to work. Having my e-comm stores and Click Profit managing them has changed my life. Now my office is the lake and my desk chair is a kayak!”

Glen Moore
Walmart Automation

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