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Looking for a proven closer to influence the future clients in our funnels.

This position requires you to be on call with prospective clients and close them on our service.

This job is commission based with a 5%+ commission.

Average commissions range from $1250-$2500 per deal.

You will be taking calls that are coming in from our lead-generation sources.

Your responsibility will be to close these leads on our service over the phone.

You will be required to do multiple follow-up calls, emails + texts in order to close these clients. 

You will be required to have excellent persuasion skills in addition to being extremely “personable”. Are you confident and secure, knowing you are offering a fantastic opportunity to the right people?

To succeed in this position, you will need to have listening skills, problem solving skills, and most importantly, you would need to know the business inside and out.

Understanding our business model allows you to quickly and confidently handle all objections and questions you may encounter over a sales call.

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