How Renee Did $143,900 In Sales Within 90 Days

Rene took action to secure his financial future!


Renee is a sales representative working for a top software firm in the U.S. His main pain point is that he was working 60-80 hours a week without seeing a direct correlation between the hours worked and his take-home pay. Renee came to a realization that the only way to earn more money was a vehicle that could produce predictable cash-flow...without having to put in additional hours of work. He stumbled across Click Profit's Walmart Automation Program and immediately his interest was piqued.


Renee booked a call with the Click Profit team. After his call he realized that this is the vehicle he was looking for. With the added benefit of a business that produced income day-in and day-out, Renee focused on perfecting the art of sales within his current company. He utilized his credit score by acquiring OPM (other people's money) to reinvest and accumulate more wealth.


Within Renee's first month, he did a whopping $23,000 in sales with a profit margin of 34%. His second month saw $40,000 in sales with profit margins around 28%. After his second month, Renee applied and was approved for another credit card. Because of his second line of credit, Click Profit was able to achieve $80,000 in sales his third month.