How Marcos Went From $0 - $527K Within 4 Months

$527,000+ In Sales The Past 83 Days


Marcos is an avid real estate investor with a portfolio of over 40 properties. Marcos is very familiar with passive income, and was elated when his friend John referred him to Click Profit. Although Marcos was crushing it in the real estate market, he is a sophisticated investor who is always looking for additional opportunities. With his background, Marcos quickly grasped the concept of having an automated Walmart store with Click Profit, who essentially acts as a management company for his “digital real estate." 


Since Marcos had an incredible credit profile and had access to huge lines of credit, Click Profit had the freedom to accelerate his store without being limited by the amount of credit they could use to float inventory. Marcos was thrilled that he could have a digital asset that functioned similar to real estate. It was not much of a learning curve to adjust to passive income and a management company that runs his business for him. The real delight Marcos experienced was to get 5 additional Walmart stores with his credit lines and the profit he could make without lifting a finger. Marcos was realized being happy with a 10% annualized return on real estate was small change when compared with the possibilities of e-commerce.


Since Marcos had access to over $500,000 in credit lines, he was not limited in opening additional stores. Within 4 months, Click Profit was able to produce a whopping $527k in sales while maintaining a profit margin of above 20%.