How Edwin Went From 1 to 5 Streams Of Income

$381,500+ In Sales The Past 83 Days


Edwin has been working for Google ever since he graduated college. Being surrounded by successful people, he quickly learned that having multiple streams of income is the route to fast-track his road to financial freedom.  Edwin was aware of the passive income opportunities associated with real estate, but he was not impressed with the ROI that was linked to those investments.


Edwin was referred to Click Profit by a friend that has been involved in the e-comm space for over a year. He jumped on this opportunity immediately. Edwin has actively been working on his credit profile over the past few years and has finally found a vehicle where he could put his credit to work.


Within a year, Edwin accumulated a portfolio of 4 e-comm stores and opened the doors to having multiple income streams. One of his stores has done over $381,000 in sales over the past 3 months, netting him close to $58,000.