How Carole Hit $700k+ In Sales

$714,700+ In Sales So Far In 2021


Carole has been an entrepreneur her entire life. She owns multiple companies across many different industries, including real estate and distribution. She is always looking for more opportunities to put her money to work. Her youngest son, Devin, introduced her to the emerging industries of e-commerce, which was bringing him an impressive passive income.


Carole approached Click Profit to learn more about their Walmart Automation program. She heard about the results Click Profit has been able to produce and this intrigued her enough to initiate a call with the Click Profit team.  Her goal was to to fast-track her investment and out-earn her kids. She is determined to fund her retirement years with her earnings from Walmart Automation.


Carole was thrilled to discover that the Walmart Automation program from Click Profit required virtually virtually no work on her side and was a full turn-key solution. This allowed her to focus on her current businesses while Click Profit produced a predictable cash-flowing business. A year later, Carole now owns two e-comm stores both producing her $5k-$20k a month in net profit!