From Landscaping To Owning A 7 Figure Business

Investment Paid Off In 3 Months


Trentin is in the landscaping business and really enjoys his work. But seasonal downturns and stretching paychecks made him consider a lifestyle change. He had heard of the e-commerce industry but was afraid he would not have the time to learn the tricks of the trade. After an intro call to Click Profit, he was relieved to learn he would not have to study for years to understand the business model. Click Profit is now managing every aspect of his e-comm business.


Trentin chose the Bronze package in our Walmart Automation program and committed to making it a success. He responded to all calls and emails immediately and provided the team with all needed information. He managed to access additional lines of credit by having his dad provide him with an “authorized user” credit card to help him float inventory while he waits for his payout from Walmart. 


Trentins store did $7,000 in sales his first month, $18,000 his second month and a whopping $32,000 in his third month with Click Profit. His store is now in his 8th month, and Trentin has received a full ROI (return on investment.)