How Curiosity Leads To Success

Being curious leads to learning...

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One commonality amongst the ultra-wealthy that I’ve studied over the past 5 years is that they are overly curious when it comes to business.

They want to know everything, they want to be involved in everything. It reminds me of a 5 year old kid that asks every question that comes to mind! Generally, people are too reserved to ask questions, perhaps because they feel they might be judged or considered ignorant. However, the ultra-wealthy have absolutely no shame in asking every single question, no matter how dumb it might sound.

If you want to be successful and crush it in your industry, you have to become OVERLY curious. Imagine a kid that absolutely loves sports. At his first baseball game he asks a million questions on the rules of the game, how everything works, how they built such a massive stadium, etc. BE THAT KID! 

The only way you will spot and act upon opportunities that come your way is to be curious. Ask the questions you want to know, go down the rabbit hole when doing research, be that kid at the baseball game that wants to know absolutely everything there is to know.

Once you lose the shame in ASKING QUESTIONS, you will notice a domino effect in your business life. You might find opportunities that have been in front of you all this time. You might even double, triple, even quadruple the business you’ve been running for years. 

I'll say it again. BE THAT KID.